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About Us

We have combined our dreams, our hopes with our experience and our strength ...
We engraved them on steel. And now we offer with our best regards.

37 Years of Experience ...

Our company, having begun its operations with steel goods trade in 1981, has become one of the leading companies in the industry subsequent to starting production in 1986. Our company, which is frequently mentioned in the glassware industry due to its dealer network covering Turkey, its suppliers and its exports uses stainless steel made in Europe in the entire production thereof.
Our company, with a production capacity of one million pieces per month, always aims to offer the best and most beautiful to the esteemed clientele thereof with new designs. Our company has made quality a constant standard in all details from design to raw material selection, from production to polishing and from packaging to delivery phases. Our company, which has adopted the principles of aesthetic and trust with its 37 years of experience, our company, has achieved the power and confidence to give guarantee for its products for 50 years with the importance it attaches to its product quality.
Our company, performing the operations thereof with its philosophy of accepting the valued customers, employees and suppliers as the partners thereof, continues its activities successfully in the sector with its slogan of "both good quality and affordable".
Our aim is to walk to the future together with the trust and support of your esteemed side.
To maintain this confidence is our obligation and we are proud to serve your esteemed side.

Best Regards.
We produce with love since 1981 until present.