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Privacy and Security

The privacy policy with current rules specified below has been adopted for privacy and protection of the information provided by our members and customers to nehir.com.tr as well as other related issues has been adopted.

* Measures required for the security of the information entered to our website and transactions implemented in our website are taken in the system and internet infrastructure by nehir.com.tr and/or related card organizations according to the nature of the information and transaction. All credit card transactions and approvals are carried out between you and the relevant Bank and similar Card Organization independently online (information such as credit card data is NEVER viewed and recorded by nehir.com.tr). * Information entered through our customers for membership, product/service purchase and updating information as regards especially credit cards and bank cards, cannot be displayed by other internet users.


* Information belonging to our members and customers can be disclosed to the relevant organizations within the framework of our responsibilities under the legal regulations. Furthermore, contact information (phone, address, e-mail etc.) and other personal information they have given during their membership and/or shopping can be saved for an indefinite time, saved by nehir.com.tr, processed and shared and used at the required time and place for making and updating your membership transactions to our site, providing/selling of various products/services, for the collection of product/service fees-costs and various publicity, advertising, promotional, communication, sales and carding applications.


* You can use the "cancel membership" link in the e-mails sent by nehir.com.tr to cancel your membership.


* In cases when our site provides links to other internet-websites, the privacy-security policy and terms of use of those sites apply for all usages and transactions; nehir.com.tr is not responsible for disputes, material or non-material damage or loss arising from use of information of other websites, accessed from our site such as seeing advertisements, banners, content, or any other purpose and violation of the use of ethical principles, privacy and security principles.


* All kinds of information and content furnished in our website and all intellectual and industrial property rights for the arrangement and partial/full use of these belong to nehir.com.tr except those belonging to third parties according to the agreements made with nehir.com.tr.


* Payment for products purchased from our site can be done only by credit card and other methods as described on our site.


* Dispatch is made only within the borders of Republic of Turkey unless any notification is made from our site. * Your credit card information ABSOLUTELY is not recorded under the payments method used by nehir.com.tr. Your personal and card information is protected with the highest level security certifications. Your information is encrypted and transferred by virtue of 128-bit SSL software. Thus, your information can never be accessed through third parties.


* Only you can access and change the information you have given when you become a member. It is not possible for someone else to access information about you and change them. nehir.com.tr cannot reach your passwords and if you lose your password we will automatically give you a different password via our system via “I forgot my password” link.


For further information, please contact us via support@nehir.com.tr e-mail address.